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RAZR, Soul Valient & Scarexx have released their first collab, 'PAIN'

Emengy's Bass Dreams Vol. 5 compilation is comprised of 30 songs that serve as a holiday treat.

Today, we're being rewarded with yet another banger that has been delivered in the form of dubstep gold. It's called PAIN and it's the latest song from RAZR, Soul Valient and Scarexx on Emengy's Bass Dreams Vol. 5 compilation.

This gigantic compilation features PAIN, alongside 29 other songs from artists like BLAIZE & Blupill, TYPHON, Veros & KAUSE, BOSS MODE, Jonter & Astamoth, Humansion and several other of FBI's Most Wanted.

Emengy has been a long-standing champion of the underground bass music scene for years now, and this serves as their fifth installment in the successful Bass Dreams compilation series.

The song, PAIN, was born after Soul Valient and Scarexx received an insane amount of support on their bootleg of 1 ON 1 by Excision and Space Laces. They knew it was time to level up.

"We knew it was time to start experimenting with different sounds, melodies, but most importantly, tell stories with our songs," Soul Valient said. "Scarexx sent me the first idea with a spectacular introduction based on powerful electric guitars, this was the first time we began to use these elements in our songs."

They wrapped up the idea and sent it off to RAZR, which made perfect sense because he was a dream collaborator. Scarexx said that PAIN symbolized a way of venting and freeing past setbacks he had encountered previously.

"Well, the truth is, after the great support we had with our 1 ON 1 remix, Soul and I decided to make a lot more music since it gave us a dose of energy and motivation," Scarexx said.

Scarexx said that Soul Valient was one of the driving factors for him to go full-in with music. Both of these artists' sounds mesh perfectly with RAZR's.

RAZR said he wanted to take a heavy and energetic direction with the song, and that it was easy for everything to come together.

"Working with them is so much fun," RAZR said. "They are great guys and also a pleasure to chat with. We are all very understanding and considerate of each others opinions so it makes the process a lot easier."

All three artists share a similar style of music and their production efforts come naturally. RAZR even hinted at how these three artists have even more music together coming in the near future.

"We have had the enormous pleasure of people from various parts of the world supporting our music and I am very grateful for that," Scarexx said.

Stream the entire Emengy Bass Dreams Vol. 5 compilation now:


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