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RIOT TEN & Ecraze team up with Blupill on rave anthem

This arena-style heater just landed and is the new 'Squad Anthem,' shaking up our airwaves.

The worlds of RIOT TEN, Ecraze and Blupill have collided in an out-of-nowhere collaboration that has our jaws on the ground.

Squad Anthem was only announced on Wednesday when RIOT TEN, Ecraze and Blupill dropped the news mid-day. As of this song's release, our thirst has been quenched for another big-room, dubstep chant.

"All my homies getting lit, yeah we turn the f*ck up!"

RIOT TEN said that Blupill was an easy choice for the vocals on this song. His signature vocals get our hearts pounding with intense hype, making our minds transport back to dubstep mainstages of summer.

"Riot Ten hit me up a couple months ago saying he had a track that he needed hype vocals on," Blupill said. "I heard the track and it was a done deal."

After Blupill delivered the vocals, RIOT TEN had the idea of enlisting Ecraze to be on the song. The resulting soundscape is a gift from those three artists to us, blessing our ear holes with euphoria of being at a festival and turning up with your squad.

"This might be the favorite track I’ve work on so far," Ecraze said. "Working with RIOT TEN and Blupill was so much fun, this one definitely holds a special place in my heart."

"I wanted to create something that embodied the feeling you get when you're at a show with all your friends and it's time to turn up. No stress, no work, just good times," RIOT TEN said. "Ecraze is one of my favorite producers right now, and I've been wanting to work with him for a while. This is the first single off my next EP, so I'm excited to hear the fan response! "

And the production that RIOT TEN and Ecraze have cooked up is a true Michelin star masterpiece. The song's tone mimics some of the recent experiences we had at Lost Lands and Summoning Festival, with feelings that unite us all and set us free.

"My goal with this song is to allow the listener to let go of the physical world, go feral with their squad, release their inner emotions, and PARTY!" Blupill said.

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