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SHARPS' new, multi-genre ‘Trenches’ EP is released on Rude Service Recs

The EP's incredibly blended genres remind us all why he is a thought leader in the scene

SHARPS just returned in EP form with a multi-genre collection of tracks on Bear Grillz's newly formed Rude Service Records. This five-track EP proves even more that this year is going to be a huge year for SHARPS.

SHARPS made a U-turn back to releasing music in April with Hit Em' after a year away (which I covered here on Since then, he has released an impressive collection of tracks featuring Another Round on Rude Service's debut compilation Full Stack Vol. 1 and Back To You. In addition, Everybody dropped on Bassrush’s Prophecy Vol. 4.

As for Rude Service Records, this newly founded label started out with a huge compilation in Full Stack Vol. 1. Since then, it has been releasing music of all kinds including the new track from OMAS and Misdom titled ‘Toxic." This label has come out of the gate swinging and is making a splash in the bass music world - we are curious to see who else will be releasing on it in the near future.

As for the EP, it is a blend of SHARPS' heavy and emotional styles that are showcased throughout all five tracks. The first track, Trenches, is a certified crowd demolisher. It has a cathartic rage that will ignite crowds, whether at a dark club or a massive festival stage.

The next track on the EP is Desires, starting out with a pleasant melody and soft vocals.

“Is a perfect blend between the light and the dark that are within the EP,” SHARPS said.

Desires then transitions into heavier sounds, which he said represent “finding a healthy balance, something that applies to all aspects of life.” We really respect that here.

SHARPS dropped an unexpected twist with Warning, a more ominous track that allowed SHARPS to experiment with different sound constructions. He also mentioned this is how Kiss the Night, another more melodic composition came together.

"I didn’t have a real direction when I first started writing this one, but it all started to kind of flow together

naturally," SHARPS said. "It was pretty fun working on this because I didn’t feel like there were any boundaries or anything that I had to conform to"

The final track of the EP, Broken, was created out of desperation. As he almost quit music altogether, but he said the end result of the song is ultimately redemptive and triumphant.

This EP incredibly blends genres and reminds us all why SHARPS is a thought leader in the scene. We will be following him closely as the fall nears.

To hear tracks from the EP and more, be sure to check out SHARPS at the following dates:

  • Sunday, July 18 - Galveston, Texas - with Hi I’m Ghost, YDG, Stoutty, Forbes, Sorry if it’s loud, Formvla, and on Sunday July 18

  • October 7 - Phoenix, Arizona - with Riot Ten, Must Die!, and Sweettooth on Riot Ten’s Hype or Die 2021 Tour

  • October 8 - Salt Lake City, UT

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