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Shizz Lo drops genre-bending Power Trip EP on Boogie T's label

He features internationally influenced sounds and collabs with global artists

After dropping IDs on IDs at the Pavement Rave in Scranton, Pennsylvania last fall, Shizz Lo was approached by an A&R from Boogie T's label, Drama Club. Following a few more chats, the encounter led to a three-track EP release entitled Power Trip, which has us completely blown away.

The lead single Power Trip starts off with an emotional intro which bends into a cinematic breakdown and drop. Shizz Lo brings out some hybrid, wooky sounds, followed up by producer Sihk slamming the hardcore. The in-your-face second drop makes you want to rage in your living room.

"The inspiration behind Power Trip comes from the time I spent in Amsterdam last year," Shizz Lo said. "The main synth in the drop is inspired by the sound design in the music I was hearing at the clubs in the Netherlands at the time. I figured, what if I added some experimental bass to the B section, and this is pretty much how it ended up." The second track, Drippy, is the perfect combination of old-school brostep and modern rap vocals from Gundam Kid.

"I met Gundam Kid a few years back at Ethik Worldwide Clothing Company," Shizz Lo said. "Later that year, he sent me a few demos to check out. His vocals worked too well with the production, and after a couple of sessions in the studio, we came up with Drippy." The EP concludes with the track Down Lo, which came to be after meeting Producer GHOSTER in Shanghai, China. Shizz Lo describes this track as a "nice hybrid of dubstep, trap and Philly club music." Since emerging in the trap and bass scene, Producer Shizz Lo has gone on to release with Subsidia Records, Dim Mak Records, Universal Music Group, and many more. We are expecting him to release two more EPs and a few singles in the near future, and we couldn't be more excited to see what he has in store.

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