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SISTO self-releases thick wubs with 'UNFINISHED BUSINESS'

SISTO is slinging darkness with this heavy-hitter that tells the story of his FACELESS narrative.

Signature sound design that pushes the envelope: that's what SISTO does best. He's an artist who maintains a high level of production, and he just came out swinging with a new self-release called UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

Featuring a dark, menacing vocal phrase, this track leads the listener all the way to a mind-obliterating drop. It’s safe to say that there will be many mosh pits in the future with this thick track.

“I had so much fun experimenting with this track. It was written from the perspective of the ‘FACELESS’, a story I've been writing." SISTO said. "The vocals are a haunting voice the FACELESS cannot stop hearing. I was finally able to materialize, through distorted basslines & aggressive sounds, the image of their inner turmoil and inability to forgive.”

Currently on tour with the legend YAKZ, SISTO has been making a name for himself in the scene for the last year and a half. He's known for recent releases like CHAINSAW PARADE, produced with Prosecute, and his Pawns Corpse EP on Disciple Round Table in 2021.

With some of the freshest sound design, the FBI has been keeping a close watch on him, as we uncovered more on the second season of our Most Wanted series earlier this year.

The FBI may have to issue a citation for SISTO because the HQ is impressed with this track, and we admire the effort to self release it as well.

Our agents will be investigating SISTO further during his upcoming Denver tour dates, this month back-to-back with Jiqui for Subtronics 1st Bank on April 20, and with YAKZ at Cervantes Other Side on June 2.


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