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Full power on display: Soltan flexes with latest Ophelia release

Coming off his hot Lost Lands performance, the sultan of bass music has entered the chat with his latest single on Ophelia Records.

With numerous eyes and ears added to our agency recently, our senses have never been more sharp for those who bring their unique skill and sound to the industry. The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always on the lookout for releases to quench our insatiable thirst for bass music.

Today's community of not just dubstep, but bass music as a whole, is experiencing an unprecedented amount of growth and has garnered attention from audiences worldwide at some of the biggest festivals across the globe.

With his latest release coming from Seven Lions' imprint, Ophelia Records, Soltan plants his stake in the field.

This latest track continues to push the seemingly endless boundaries of bass music. With origins stemming from other realms of trap and space bass, the seamless blend of genres brings yet another banger into fruition.

The name of the song, alamut, represents a mountain fortress in present-day Iran that served as the central base of the assassins from 1090-1275. The alamut sat in a utopian location that was not only perfectly defendable, but also served as a learning hub for citizens.

Soltan said that after reading "The Lord Of Alamut" book, he felt very inspired to write and execute his imagination of alamut through bass music!

With each kick and bassline, Alamut Conflict has three very distinct drops each providing an increasingly higher level of energy than the last.

Over this past weekend at Excision's fifth edition of Lost Lands, our agents believe that there were numerous artists that played out Soltan's masterpiece of a discography.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Alamut Conflict on upcoming track lists across all popular streaming platforms!

Photo/Videography captured by @capturedbycyga


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