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Steller and Evalution collide with ‘FL Sound’ on Bassrush Records

Ahead of their respective EDC Orlando sets, the two Floridians pay homage to the Sunshine State.

Merching their respective styles in a track shouting out their home state, Steller and Evalution just dropped a work of wonk that sets a funk-filled tone heading into the weekend.

FL Sound was just released on Bassrush Records and features funked-out sax that provides an electronic nod to reggae sounds. This track has us head-nodding front to back, imagining ourselves in a southern paradise.

Steller has had a huge year of 2021, starting with her debut EP Day Dreaming back in late March. Since then, she has released multiple singles, including a few under Bassrush Records. She was also featured in Dubstep FBI's Riot Control Radio mix series.

She also landed a major spot on Peekaboo's Black Hole Tour and is currently booked on two New Year's shows to wrap up 2021.

“Very excited for everyone to hear this collab with Evalution,Steller said. “There are so many amazingly talented producers in Florida, and as Floridians ourselves, we wanted to make a track that pays homage to that in a way.”

She also spoke highly of the Bassrush team in stating. “They have always been supportive of my music, and I’m honored to once again be releasing this track with them.“

Evalution recently released the Long Story Short EP on Jauz’s label Bite This, in addition to dropping Flow with fellow Floridian producer Hallucinate on Subsidia Dusk Vol. 3. Evalution just come on our radars after hearing this track with Steller, so we will be catching his EDC Orlando set to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve.

“Being born and raised in Florida and having been surrounded by so many dope artists has inspired me immensely throughout this project," Evolution said.

He also shouted out Floridian producers who have become some of the most prominent: Blunts and Blondes and Nitti Gritti. He said that it only felt right to make a track that proudly reps the "best state" in the U.S.

To see Steller and Evalution at EDC Orlando, here’s where you can catch them:

  • Evalution - Friday, Nov. 12 from 4-5 p.m. at Rynobus

  • Steller - Saturday, Nov. 13 from 3-4 p.m. at Circuit Grounds

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