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Synth-Wave of Destruction: Octobit's explosive fusion of synthwave, heavy midtempo, and trap

Rising artist Octobit takes the scene by storm with his unique sound and high-quality production

Octobit releases Synth-Wave EP on Crowsnest Audio

Salt Lake City-based artist Octobit is making waves in the scene with his highly anticipated EP, 'Synth-Wave Of Destruction.' Combining the nostalgic allure of synth-wave with heavy midtempo and trap influences, Octobit showcases his unique sound and exceptional production quality, solidifying his position as a promising rising star.

From taking mentoring classes with renowned artist INHUMAN (formerly Code: Pandorum) to establishing his own distinct musical identity, Octobit has rapidly emerged as an artist for the FBI to watch.

With previous releases on notable labels like Rude Service, Emengy, and Deathstar Cult, Octobit now presents his second appearance on Crowsnest Audio, this time with a captivating fusion of synth-wave and electronic genres.

Crowsnest Audio, known for its dominance in the dubstep realm, ventures into uncharted territory with the release of Synth-Wave Of Destruction. This EP is strategically tailored to appeal to Octobit's growing fanbase while ensuring it resonates with the label's dedicated audience. As Crowsnest expands its musical horizons, the commitment to delivering high-quality releases remains unwavering.

"With 80’s inspired synths and melodies, this EP will help you travel to a time when fluorescence was king and synths ruled pop music," Octobit said. "Although the synth-wave feel is very present, each of the tracks on this EP also incorporates my signature sound design and heavy bass mentality.”

Octobit's affinity for diverse genres shines through in his production, making him a true master of his craft. From dubstep to trap, drum and bass to midtempo, and electro/bass house, Octobit fearlessly navigates multiple styles with exceptional skill and attention to detail.

Peep one of our favorites from the EP:

Stay tuned, because Octobit is here to bring the bass like never before.


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