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Taking a closer look at Dubscribe and Megalodon’s new collab ‘Need You’

In what can only be described as a masterclass in sound design, Dubscribe and Megalodon team up for a massive collaboration titled ‘Need You,’ out now on Bypass Audio.

Dubscribe and Megalodon perfectly blend their two styles of dubstep together on this track. Listeners can hear the quintessential sound compression and drum styles Dubscribe uses, while both artists dug deep into their bag of tricks to create brand-new sounds for the drops.

'Need You' maintains a classic dubstep format that Megalodon fans are accustomed to, while the song is infused with incinerating Dubscribe and Megalodon basses that listeners can physically feel. These two artists really went ballistic on the bass design in this song, and it's sure to make its way into the industry’s finest festivals and sets.

The release comes on the heels of Dubscribe’s debut performances in America – his first at Bass Canyon and his second at Lost Lands.

Dubscribe is sure to make a lasting impact on the dubstep scene moving forward, as his songs have long been played in Excision’s, among others, sets, and is now receiving the opportunity to play the sets that he so greatly deserves.

Megalodon has long been a legend in the dubstep scene. The San Fransisco-based producer was previously one of the most published artists on Never Say Die recordings, a record label that was founded by Tommy Dash (SKisM) and Nick Sadler (Mobscene) in 2009.

Megalodon founded Bypass Audio in 2022 and has since used the label to release music of his own and shine a spotlight on new artists.

Need You is the first collaboration from Megalodon since 2020, and the two artists certainly delivered for both of their fan bases.


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