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Tampa: Automhate, Syzy take TK Lounge w/ '360 boiler room set' this Saturday

The two stalwarts of the newly named "trench" scene will play a "360 boiler room" set at Tampa's premiere underground venue.

Over the past year, TK Lounge has solidified itself as the mecca of the underground dubstep scene in Tampa.

In addition, it's positioned itself as one of the leaders in the Florida EDM scene overall, recently booking everything from hardstyle to riddim.

Now, they're bringing two of dubstep's hottest, young acts to Gatorland: Automhate and Syzy, via a special "360 boiler room set" this Saturday, Dec. 3.

The venue started doing 360 sets this summer and they have hosted the likes of Conrank and Super Future within this series. However, this will be the first time the venue will have a riddim-heavy lineup for a 360 show.

This show specifically is presented by our friends Headbang Society and TK Entertainment, both groups are known for their insanely great hospitality and support of the underground scene.

Automhate is fresh off of his front/back Disciple release in October and has traveled to the states all the way from Italy to play recent shows.

Syzy stays tearing up the tour circuit, playing as direct support for Svdden Death at multiple dates, recently via Grimefest in Dallas.

We are curious what the 360-setup will look like, and what different elements the stage will feature. This heavy show is going down in TK history as something special, and is not one that riddim rats will want to miss.

Our agents will continue to report back after leaving the boiler room at TK. If you see D Fletch at the show, come say hi.


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