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Coach REAPER is the 'DISRUPTOR' with gospel sounds of drum 'n bass

REAPER set out on his conquest to teach America about the good word of drum 'n bass via 'DISRUPTOR' LP on Bassrush.

On a conquest to Make America Drum 'n Bass Again (MADBA), REAPER's dnb style has been collecting a full-throttle following.

Receiving support and recognition from the greats such as KAYZO, Illenium and Dimension, REAPER is an artist who has made a strong statement for himself, and his LP 'DISRUPTOR' on BASSRUSH RECORDS is an absolute monster showcase.

The 10-track LP contains tracks that are already out, such as IMY (ft. Bella Renee), XLR8 and RUNAWAY (feat. Josh Rubin), but also contains unreleased tracks you've heard in his sets such as COACH, MOVE TOGETHER and STAY ALIVE (feat. The Arcturians).

"While writing the album, I continuously referred to the idea of Newton’s Law, that an object in motion will stay in motion unless disrupted," REAPER said. "DISRUPTOR is designed to create a new wave, a new motion, and initiate acceleration. I am the DISRUPTOR."

We're not biased by any means, but REAPER is our favorite drum 'n bass artist in the scene. The man comes out swinging every set, the energy is second-to-none and he makes sure that everyone is drum-stepping from start to finish during his sets.

Here is our breakdown of each track from the LP:

  1. INTERCEPT (Intro) - Some signature REAPER cinematics and half-time.

  2. COACH - We are ready to join this religion of Drum & Bass, how do we sign up?

  3. MAKE A MOVE - This one makes you want to move. Some astonishing jump-up Drum & Bass.

  4. STAY ALIVE - The Arcturians and REAPER get together for some movin' and groovin' dancefloor Drum & Bass.

  5. PULSE - REAPER shows some range here with a filthy neurofunk banger.

  6. IMY - Bella Renee and REAPER together, nothing could make this track any more fire.

  7. RUNAWAY - *aggressive gun fingers firing off*

  8. XLR8 - An exhilarating adventure in half-time from start to finish. WOW.

  9. MASHUP - REAPER made a special one that makes you want to sing along and move from start to finish

  10. MOVE TOGETHER - By the end of the album, everyone listening will be moving together. Trust us on that one.

Who is the weapon behind the mask, and how does he continue to produce heaters constantly AND consistently?

Whoever REAPER is, we are always looking for the next opportunity to see him perform live.

Future performances include support on KAYZO's NEW BREED Tour, playing PROJECT Z and performing day 3 of EVER AFTER. We highly recommend you catch the DnB Coach when you can.

Make sure you have those gun fingers to the sky, and REAPER will have that microphone to the eye.


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