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Unveiling the impactful sounds of 'Quiet Place' by AtRysk and DJ Duo METHOD

Discover how this collaboration creates a powerful escape from life's clamor

In the realm of bass music, there exists a mesmerizing creation that defies expectations. Enter 'Quiet Place', a track brought to life by the masterful collaboration between producer AtRysk (Ryan) and the dynamic DJ duo METHOD (Smitty and Gano). Despite its tranquil title, this collaboration is a force to be reckoned with, designed to overpower the cacophony of daily life with its monumental, hard-hitting soundscape.

So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow the music to transport you to your own personal oasis of tranquility.

While the collaboration between Ryan and Paul (Smitty) may appear unexpected, their connection traces back to their childhood as family friends, sharing countless adventures on camping trips across the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado.

"Ryan and I go way back as family friends, and it’s really cool to see how our worlds collided in the bass music community," said Paul from METHOD. "Ryan is such a technically advanced producer and it was amazing to experience our collective creativity give birth to this track."

After being concealed in secrecy for close to a year, Quiet Place circulated among the underground scene as an enigmatic treasure. But the much-anticipated moment has finally dawned.

Should your neighbors become unsettled by the immersive experience, consider gifting them the solace of Quiet Place as a symbol of unity and shared tranquility.

"The idea for Quiet Place comes from the feeling of getting lost in the music, where all the noise and stress of day to day life is blocked out," AtRysk said. "It's interesting how something so loud and aggressive can give you a little bit of peace within."

Be prepared for what AtRysk and METHOD have in store – we just heard that METHOD will be closing out for VIBRANT ILLUSION on June 17th in Denver, CO. Oh, and both artists might be dropping a mix next week with some hot IDs.

Quiet Place is available to download for free on SoundCloud, and be sure to follow both artists to stay up-to-date on their future plans:

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