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USAYBFLOW drops the hammer with new 'LOUD!' EP on Bassweight Records

The four track EP is jam-packed with sounds, providing new and innovative production techniques at every beat's drop.

USAYBFLOW has an identifiable, crisp sound that is known for powerful basslines, complex soundscapes and contagious rhythms. 

USAYBFLOW is also well known for his viral "quad drop" videos and his mix series "Headbangers Only," where he annihilates listeners with a concoction of doubles and quadruples.   

It should go without saying, USAYBFLOW pours his heart into dubstep.

The LOUD EP! is gritty, soulful, and each track is a completely fresh take on modern dubstep. 

The title track, LOUD! Is rather self-explanatory.

Huge sustain basses set this track apart from the rest and will have festivals and clubs going bananas. USAYBFLOW’s drum flow and style is also yet to be topped. 

The way he is able to project sound that feels like it’s pushing through the speaker is truly mind bending. The cleanliness of each pop is so unique to his production style. 

“The LOUD! EP represents a metaphor for where I am right now in this stage of my life.” said USAYBFLOW.

The LOUD! EP truly showcases USAYBFLOW’s extreme attention to detail in his work. 

“At this point, I am proud of who I am becoming and this body of work shows that I am turning a new page as a person with being more open and true to myself but also in my career with diving more into production,” said USAYBFLOW

The final track listed on the EP, Immortal, is a collaboration with up-and-coming artist DOIL

When USAYBFLOW and DOIL connected, they seamlessly bonded over an idea that is sure to break necks. 

“I’ve honestly been a fan of DOIL tunes for as long as I can remember. I heard his tune with Bear Grillz as well as his release on Subsidia and I HAD to do a collab with him.” said USAYBFLOW.  

“He sent me over some ideas but I found the earliest version of Immortal and I had to hop on it with him.” said USAYBFLOW.

Once USAYBFLOW hopped on the track, the vibe changed up pretty quick.

“We wanted to go for a more rock approach but also keep it heavy hitting as well as atmospheric with not only the vocals but the guitar riffs too. Very very stoked to finally put this one out with him!” said USAYBFLOW. 

With releases like the LOUD! EP, USAYBFLOW is quickly establishing himself as one of the most intriguing dubstep talents with a genuine love for pushing boundaries and exploring the limits of sound. 

Fans can catch USAYBFLOW at a variety of dates coming up this summer. 

He has tour dates scheduled in New York City, Kansas City, Miami, and Montreal, in just the next month

USAYBFLOW is also slated to be at Lost Lands in September, where he plays on Thursday for the early arrival crew (I’ll see you all there.)


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