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VARI's boundary-bending single 'Outlier' just dropped on Electric Wave's first compilation

Stacked with forward-pushing sounds, VARI hints with this release what he has in store for this year.

Electric Wave, an independent record label based in Italy, just released their first compilation titled Vision of 2023. It features seven unique tracks from artists who have no problem testing genre boundaries.

Among the artists on this compilation is Tulsa, Oklahoma-based producer VARI, and he once again proves his vast, artistic range. He meshes together funky break-beat and drum and bass elements to produce this futuristic-feeling track, Outlier.

"It is very much an "outlier" as the name suggests," VARI pointed out. He is already known for his diverse discography, but he took it to another level with this track. "I think it being my first release of the year makes it feel very different, but as the year progresses and the rest of the songs I was making around the same time also release, its place will become much more clear and it will eventually feel like much less of an outlier."

Right now, it's obvious that Outlier stands out from the rest of VARI's music. His discography also includes his heavy release on Gud Vibrations, Anodize, Crash Test (his collaboration with MSFT) and his hard-hitting EP titled Deconstruct.

At the same time, Outlier fits perfectly in Electric Wave's Vison of 2023 compilation because the track seems to foreshadow VARI's personal vision for 2023. We can expect more break-out tunes from him as the year progresses.

It can't go without mentioning the other impressive releases on Vision of 2023, including tracks from AbtomAL, Drvmmer, Fresh Stuff, Madflick, Noise Parfumerie and Zimoh. The compilation is also a complete NFT collection, aiming to expand music into the web3 space.

With the diverse sounds that VARI and the rest of the artists on Vision of 2023 have delivered, they are sure to spark major excitement about the future of electronic music.

Stream Outlier on Vision of 2023 now through all platforms!


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