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Vastive's 'All On Me EP' roars into 2023

Out now on Rude Service: A five-track powerhouse EP that packs a punch for headbangers everywhere

The 'All On Me EP' is surely one of the truest forms of bass art we've had the pleasure of listening to, from the first note to the last. The EP is made to be a continuous listen, truly emphasizing Vastive’s musical talent.

From start to finish, this EP showcases Vastive's extreme attention to detail in how he is able to create fully professional metal breakdowns — positioning him in the same league as Sullivan King and Kayzo.

The lead track 'ALL ON ME' takes an explorative step into mid-tempo realms, charting undeveloped art territory for Vastive, who is known for his intense neck-snapping bass design.

The collection of tracks is truly crafted to awaken the animal inside every listener. Vastive's assertive sound has earned him the moniker 'Bully on the Block,' a testament to its powerful impact.

The song 'PANIC' is quickly gaining popularity and was widely played at Bass Canyon this past weekend. Its distinctive pre-drop roar effect makes PANIC instantly recognizable.

This release sets a new benchmark for Vastive in the realm of sound design. As 2023 unfolds, Vastive's breakthrough campaign continues to flourish, firmly establishing his presence in the music scene.

Vastive's B2B set with Kliptic drew an enthusiastic early crowd at Bass Canyon this past weekend, an indicator of his escalating popularity.

Fans can look forward to catching Vastive live next at Mammoth Mountain, where he'll be playing support for Wooli.


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