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Versa’s ‘Safety First’ EP captures construction-themed bass on DPMO

The label-familiar just returned with a ruthless, four-track release.

Construction-sounding riddim and violent drops combine to form Versa’s latest themed release.

The Safety First EP, out now on Funtcase’s DPMO, is the heavy dubstep gift that we need but don’t deserve. Featuring four smashing tracks, this EP was produced in an unusual location.

"I wrote this EP while sitting in an active construction site,” Versa said.

Which honestly, we are here for it. This manufactured environment is captured in the tone of all four tracks.


“Your safety is our priority,” says a catchy, robotic voice within the EP’s title track, Safety First. It’s lines like these that have helped Versa gain support from the bass music community in recent years.

Safety First EP Tracklist

Construction Block

Default Mode

Safety First


Versa was one of the first artists to release on DPMO with a Funtcase collab called Kill Confirmed, which was followed up by his wildly successful The Pit EP.

DPMO was launched as a label in 2020 and lives under the Circus Records umbrella. It showcases emerging talent through some of dubstep's most recognizable compilations and has created a home for choppy sounds within the scene.

This latest EP shows that Versa is just getting started. We’ll be blasting the brutal mixes and ruthless stomps of this EP for a while.


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