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VRG gets dark, dangerous & wonky with 'One Blood'

Straying from aggressive and intense tracks, VRG showcases a more wonky side of his production in this self release.

After rinsing it in every set for the past year and a half, VRG is finally releasing One Blood to the masses and it was worth the wait.

Breaking away from his traditional style, One Blood can be described in one word: dirty. The track brings the grunge and will have listeners flexing their bass faces at the drop.

During our investigation into One Blood, VRG explained to us that, "most know me for a more aggressive trap/hybrid style, but this song showcases a more wonkier side of my production."

The track is also an "homage to the west coast," due to the vibes of the intro and the pre-drop vocals being sampled from a song by The Game.