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YDG drops bloodthirsty single, Exterminate, as he launches into 2023

The young prodigy sets the tone for what we anticipate will be a stacked roster of releases this year.

Some artists have distinguishable brands that just get us excited to stream their music, and YDG is no different.

His newest self-release release, Exterminate, is channeling a distinct, modern-day horror movie theme, while showcasing the dubstep producer’s high-caliber production abilities.

This song is his first release of the year and will certainly be a tough act to follow. YDG, however, is no stranger to dropping unadulterated heat.

Exterminate features all of the core elements of an esoteric, yet gripping, dubstep track.

The song incorporates an unrestrained drop complemented by a high-pitched synth, emulating the sheer intensity of a real-life horror movie. And like any terrifying thriller, Exterminate seriously has us at the edge of our seats.

YDG's brand has followed the horror theme for years now, and it's brought depth to not only his music, but his branding too.

"When I opened Abelton and started writing this track, I wanted the finished product to have the feel and essence of something I'd hear in a modern day horror movie," YDG said. "Exterminate ended up being just that. Super stoked on how it turned out and it's the perfect song to kick off my 2023 releases.”

This newest release comes as YDG finishes his fall 2022 tour. The tour spanned coast-to-coast, including shows in Washington DC, Tampa, San Diego, Denver and others.

Lest we forget the rest of YDG’s incredible 2022 show roster, which included sets at Forbidden Kingdom, Paradise Blue, Excision’s tour and Lost Lands, just to name a few.

As for 2023? YDG has us stirring with anticipation for his next announcement. Until then, we have this absolute banger of a track to hold us over.

Exterminate is available for streaming on all platforms today.


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