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Zomboy brings the filth with 'Flatlined'

Out now on his new label Rott N' Roll Records, Zomboy paves the way for a new era of dubstep with Flatlined.

With Never Say Die ceasing operations, Zomboy saw an opportunity to finally do things his own way. This endeavor came to fruition with the creation of Rott N' Roll Records, his own personal label for all things Zomboy.

Flatlined is the first release on the new project and features Micah Martin on vocals. With crowds going wild when the track is played live, Flatlined does not play around and grabs audiences by their throats as it drags them into the abyss.

"The project came about really quickly after the super talented Micah Martin approached me backstage at a show and suggested we worked on something," said Zomboy. "I hope everyone loves this song nearly as much as I do, but judging by the reactions I’ve been getting from playing it out live….. I don’t think that will be a problem!”

With the creation of Rott N' Roll Records, Zomboy is finally free to do with his music as he pleases, and we have a feeling great things will come from the label. The sky is the limit, and Zomboy seems to have his heart fixed on the stars.

Flatline can now be streamed on Spotify and all other streaming services.


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