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Zoobstool gets gritty with 'The Trenches' EP

Zoobstool eliminates souls with three heavy dubstep tracks brimming with headbanging energy.

Coming out swinging from the very first track, Zoobstool has shown his production mastery of all things heavy with The Trenches.

Each track has a different story to tell, but all have one key thing in common: they evoke an epic bass face as the drops near. Zoobstool shows no mercy in snatching breath away with each heavy banger.

Proving himself to be a heavy hitter, Zoobstool channeled his own personal experiences into each track, with results that make brains metaphorically explode from their sheer nastiness.

"The Trenches EP is inspired by real-life situations that encouraged me to tell a story in each track that correlates to what I was going through at that time," Zoobstool told us.

The Philly legend has already performed at Miami Music Week with his "Zoobstool and Friends" show, and threw down an insane set opening for Nitti Gritti at the Ave Live in Philadelphia.

In addition, he played support for the king of metal-dubstep Sullivan King at the TLA in Philadelphia. With upcoming collabs lined up with artists such as Shizz Lo, Shoku, Mista J, and more, the heat that he plays out is hotter than an erupting volcano.

With each new release, Zoobstool reaches new heights, and we look forward to seeing what else he accomplishes this year.


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