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Embodying the storm: A day in the life of LAYZ

We linked up at the iconic Webster Hall in NYC to see what life has been like for LAYZ on the Sullivan King tour.

The storm touched down twice at New York City's Webster Hall this weekend.

From Lost Lands to EDC Vegas, LAYZ has been traveling the country non-stop this year. Now, she has hit the road on superstar Sullivan King's Loud & Reckless tour for several dates across the nation.

The tour life is obviously hectic, but what most people don't realize is what happens behind the scenes. From green rooms to greeting fans, it takes an army to prep iconic venues like Webster Hall for a perfect show.

We were able to link up with LAYZ in New York City for a peek into what her show days are like.


2 p.m. EST - Soundcheck at the venue

Soundcheck is essentially a check to ensure the audio, visuals and all moving elements will go down without a hitch in time for doors. Soundcheck on Sullivan King's tour is mostly setting up his guitar, with all artists also plugging in their USBs and rinsing a few tracks to get a feel for the venue.

This weekend, there was not much personal time in between soundcheck and the show, but on rare occasions she's able to adventure and see new cities.

7 p.m. EST - Her first set of the night

It's not often that tours play two shows at the same venue on the same day. That's what made this appearance at Webster Hall unique; LAYZ played her first set of the night at 7 p.m.

11 p.m. EST - Meet 'n greet with fans

LAYZ always comes out to greet her fans who show up early to rage. There were dozens of smiling headbangers lined up to get pictures and chat with the rising artist. Several of them even brought in blow ups of her face to hold up in the crowd.

"It makes me so happy that I get to meet my supporters at the show! Waking up in a new city and getting ready to do what I love - playing in front of you guys - is a highlight for me," she said.

12 a.m. EST - LAYZ plays the second opening set

LAYZ came out swinging with a combination of some earth-shaking IDs paired with familiar classics. The crowd's energy was unmatched for this second opening set, with mosh pits forming all throughout the mob o bodies.

1 a.m. EST - Off to the green room

In show business, the green room serves as an area for artists to gather before and after playing to chill out, eat and drink in an isolated space. After an hour of heavy bass, we headed to the green room for LAYZ to cool off.

In the green room, we discussed her rider which includes Smart Water, Baked Lays chips and Casamigos tequila. She has also added one Fuji film disposable camera to have as a souvenir of every tour stop and she will "develop ALL the photos after the tour is over."

2 a.m. EST - Headliner Sullivan King takes the stage

A staple at Sullivan King shows are the massive circle pits that headbangers have come to know and love. All of the artists who played supper that night stood besides the decks backstage and watched the madness unfold.

3:30 a.m. EST - Sullivan King b2b Blanke b2b LAYZ

To finish out the night, there was an epic b3b between Sullivan King, Blanke and LAYZ. This extra 15 minutes of glory encompassed more and more pits where everyone gave their last few drops of energy.

3:45 a.m. EST - Final meet 'n greet with fans

Ever the people's champ, after the show ended LAYZ headed back out to meet up with fans in the crowd and take more pictures.

4 a.m. EST - Winding down, getting ready to drive to the next city

"My favorite moments are spending time with the crew on the bus after the shows and having a good time talking, getting to know each other," she said.

However, one thing that she's not the biggest fan of is Sullivan King not eating his meat well done... LAYZ is 100% "#WELLDONEGANG."

This time has also been one of the best learning experiences of the tour for LAYZ.

"I've learned that time management is key when on the road," she said. "After the first week of tour, I situated a schedule where I could take time for myself, for my production, sleep and try to get a workout in."

Playing on Sullivan King's Loud and Reckless tour has taken LAYZ all over the country and has been "an absolute dream."

"I am so thankful he chose me to be one of his support acts because we've grown a great friendship over these few weeks. I'm very blessed to have him and team as my first tour bus and cannot wait to create more memories together for the rest of the tour."

With one of her next big festivals being Paradise Blue in Cancun, the LAYZ storm is only getting started and we have a feeling we'll see her touring the country and internationally for years to come.

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