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Bass music legend AFK drops long-awaited debut album on Welcome

The 8 dnb & dubstep tracks feature collaborations with KAYZO, FutureExit and Moley.

As a staple in the EDM and bass music community for nearly a decade, AFK is known and adored by many. While he's been around the block several times, his debut album has finally just now landed.

Released on KAYZO's Welcome Records, the album REBIRTH, features eight songs that span sub-genres of drum 'n bass and dubstep.

These tracks are intertwined with his journey to better health over the last few years, which he has openly shared on social media.

“Prior to sobriety, I was writing music thinking about what other people and DJs wanted to hear," AFK said. "I finally decided I was going to make what I liked and take influence from what got me into music so long ago.”

Listeners and fans are finally satisfied as one of AFK's longest-awaited collaborations has been released. KAYZO and AFK's song, All I Need, was born more than two years ago.

It premiered this week on legendary dubstep channel UKF, with praise from fans in the comments. One fan even said, "My lost lands depression has been cured!!"

AFK's team also arranged for two other premieres throughout the week, including Close Ur Eyes on EDM Identity and Interdimensional Cow Fuckers on Dub Rebellion.

  1. Trancemission

  2. All I Need with KAYZO

  3. Soul Cycle

  4. Close Ur Eyes with FutureExit

  5. Coldheart with Moley

  6. Interdimensional Cow Fuckers

  7. Bounce Back

  8. Atom Smasher

AFK said that the album's single, Trancemission, (released in August) is an authentic inspiration from his raver days.

Trancemission was the first song I wrote after getting sober while using that synthesizer that had been sitting in my room for so long," AFK said. "75% of this song is made using the virus, and it’s my attempt at a blend of old records and modern dubstep.”

AFK's name carries heavy weight across the EDM community. He has played at EDC Las Vegas, Bootshaus in Germany, Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO and EDC Korea, to name a few.

He has been supported by Skrillex, Marshmello, Excision, Flux Pavilion, KAYZO, Jauz (via Bite This!), Alison Wonderland, Downlink and many more.

It's clear that the bass monster, AFK, is finally back in full force. And, as demonstrated by this body of work, his talents are truly endless. Our agents will be investigating his future moves to see what's next.




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