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An investigation into Forbidden Kingdom 2023

We'll be in attendance at Florida's premiere bass banquet—Fire up the oven, because there will be filthy beats cooking in Orlando all weekend long.

Forbidden Kingdom has become a champion of the underground dubstep scene.

Not only does it have a reputation for hosting some of the grittiest, grimiest and filthiest artists, but it's production and stage design has become world-class, drawing fans from around the world to Orlando.

Now, the stage-by-stage lineups are out, and here are some of our agency's "must see" sets at Forbidden Kingdom happening June 9 and 10 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Our investigation is officially open.


Here are the FBI's must see sets on Friday, June 9, stage-by-stage.

Village Stage

SweetTooth b2b Dr. Ushuu

The first b2b of our list, this set is guaranteed to be the highest energy set of the entire festival. We have been foaming at the mouth at the idea of this set since SweetTooth told us he wanted to go b2b with Ushuu on our podcast a few months ago. He referred to his b2b sets as "versus" sets, implying that anyone who shares a billing with him will be challenged in the best way.

Now, our agents will be in attendance ensuring that SweetTooth showcases his signature high knees, while Dr. Ushuu proves why he's Florida's new favorite Frenchman.


One of the dons of the trench scene, Infekt is yet another legend on this utterly stacked lineup. His Lost Lands set from 2022 is still on replay in our minds and was the stuff of legends. Be ready for doubles and wheels all night long.

And if we don't see the entire Disciple family standing behind him backstage, we will be issuing a citation.


Mystic Stage

Kill The Noise

Kill The Noise, much like Flux Pavilion, needs no introduction.

He is an absolute don of the genre. He makes music in every genre, all of it incredibly well done. We're excited to hear the newest mega collab he is featured on with Flux Pavilion, Wooli and Feed Me. It's going to be crazy, and you can't miss it.


Our first drum n' bass artist to be featured, Kumarion has been hot on the tour circuit in the U.S. for the better part of the last year. In 2022, he and REAPER obliterated America on their tour together and spreal the gospel of DnB.

We will have out gun fingers fully loaded for all of that heavy drum n' bass.


Cyberian Stage

Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion needs no introduction to those familiar with dubstep. The pioneer of the scene produced classics such as I Can't Stop and Emotional. He paused on making dubstep until recently, but he is back with plenty of unreleased bangers.


beastboi. is one of the fastest growing producers in the riddim scene right now. He recently released an EP on Disciple Round Table titled No Leash. The EP was an absolute clinic in riddim production, and we can't wait to see him destroy the Cyberian Stage on Friday.


Forbidden Stage

Jiqui B2B Sisto

This B2B is one of the sets we are most looking forward to this year. Jiqui and Sisto have been some of the hottest up-and-coming artists in bass music for quite a while now.

Jiqui is fresh off of his latest collab, Bombs with Careless Castle, on Welcome Records. His signature, crunchy sound should mesh perfectly with Sisto's more industrial-sounding basses. Sisto recently released a 5 track EP, I DIDN'T WANT IT LIKE THIS, that showcases the heaviness of his sound masterfully. Don't miss this.

Ganja White Night

The boys from Belgium are making their long awaited Forbidden Kingdom return after a three-year hiatus. What better way to do it than right after releasing a brand new album to follow up their 2021 smash hit LP, Dark Wobble?

Many of you have spent years listening to these two and already know that they are a can't miss. But for those of you who are new ravers, they have not been to the Sunshine State since before the pandemic, so don't sleep.


Here are the FBI's must see sets on Saturday, June 10, stage-by-stage.

Hide & Seek Takeover Stage:

Ternion Sound

Ternion Sound will always be a journey to catch live. They're known for their incredible sound design and production, they play DnB and have a reputation for putting on killer live shows. Bring the pashminas and rave goggles to this set and let your mind be blown.

Space Wizard

One of our favorites on the lineup. Space Wizard does everything quite well and goes heavy and wubby every time. The Svdden Death ID is one we have been waiting on for a long time and always goes off live. Be ready for a set filled with ID's and crazy collabs.

He recently jus put out a two-track, collaborative EP with Jiqui, Pathfinders, that was incredibly unique. He is always hard to miss, so just don't.


Mystic Stage

Pendulum (DJ Set)

Pendulum have been titans of the dnb scene since before many young ravers were born. The legendary trio does not frequently play sets in the United States, but they have been more active this year. Be ready for some rock music and DnB.

Forbidden Kingdom is lucky to have artists of this stature on the lineup, this is a must-see.


Grafix is a bit of a personal favorite of ours after his album Half Life was included as one of our albums of the year in DnB last year. Expect lots of dancefloor bangers and doubles all night. He rarely travels to the United States for shows, so we'll be taking advantage of being able to finally check out a live Grafix set.


Cyberian Stage


A master of trap and dubstep, Eliminate is an artist that knows how to curate a good time. Whether it's making filthy beats for his Youtube from memes or dropping dubstep at a festival, we know he will play it all. As the Filthy Beat Inspectors, we will be inspecting this one from the rail.

He's also the guest judge for the Forbidden Kingdom Discovery Project this year.

Zeds Dead b2b Chase and Status

Two legends of their respective genres, Zeds Dead and Chase and Status will be rinsing some of the filthiest DnB you'll find at the festival.

We should get some breakbeats, neurofunk, four on the floor and everything else under the sun in this one. Expect some crazy live only bootlegs as well. It's not often you get to see two legends of entirely different genres together, do not miss this.


Forbidden Stage


One of the more unique artists on the lineup, MUST DIE! can do it all. While we knew him back in the day for his legendary brostep tracks, he has more recently been making some crank-inducing hard dance. He has been one of our favorites since his early days—that won't be changing anytime soon.

Black Tiger Sex Machine

It's about to be a movie. You know exactly what you're getting from BTSM. Catch us at church.


While these sets are our must sees, there is not a name that is less than incredible on the lineup.

Every single set will be insane. Come prepared with your hydro pack because it will be hot on both days in Orlando. The forecast says heat for both days, but that's not just the weather.

Not only are there two solid days of intense festival sounds, but there will be pre-parties and after-parties as well.

And for Saturday, we have Svdden Death headlining the Vanguard on June 10 with OG Nixin, Algo and Bloodcrest. Tickets are already at $34.99 in Tier 3 as of the time of this article.

Stay tuned for further investigations. FESTIVAL TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW STARTING AT $149 for 2-DAY GA.


Dubstep news reporter Dustin Fletcher can be found on Twitter.

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