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Bad Proxy transforms a new reality with first single, 'High Octane' [Dubstep FBI Premiere]

His new identity tells the story of a world-saving artificial intelligence

Imagine a fictitious organization working to create an Artificial Intelligence that will help save humanity. That's the story of Octavia/77, Bad Proxy's creative inspiration for his new brand.

This story ties in to his latest single, High Octane, that just premiered on Dubstep FBI.

The 25-year-old Philadelphia native, formerly known as ADEY8, has risen from the ashes with his new alias called Bad Proxy. Treading the lines of mid-tempo and industrial genres, Bad Proxy is literally scoring the soundtrack to his own movie.

High Octane serves as a teaser for the diverse style he is planning on shaking the industry with in upcoming releases. Get an exclusive listen below and pre-save the track here.

"I have been thinking about a rebrand for quite some time," said Bad Proxy. "Not only have I created a brand with a storyline and characters but each song is its own chapter with visuals to match."

Bad Proxy follows a mysterious, dystopic narrative that directly translates into every sound he produces, while transforming listeners into a full-scale audio/visual experience.

The Dubstep FBI is bewildered to see how the story of Octavia unfolds, as it aligns with some of our own theories about what the future of humanity holds. We will be keeping an eye out for future Bad Proxy releases, and hopefully even live events, in the future.

High Octane drops on July 15. Pre-save the track here and be prepared for a wild ride.

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