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Bandlez, Rated R and DJ Diesel unleash a CAT 5 'Tornado' on Disciple Records

Two meme lords, an NBA Hall of Famer and a Florida man walk into a bar. This was the result— a Tornado of epic proportions.

The unlikely trio of Bandlez, Rated R and DJ Diesel came together to make one of the most hyped tracks of 2023, so far, out now on Disciple.

Rated R and Bandlez have been on the road together for the Tornado tour since their opening date in Tampa on January 20th.

The time on the road has clearly served them well, because the blending of Rated R's and Bandlez' sounds is masterfully done. The addition of the vocals by DJ Diesel adds a layer of hype to the track that only someone larger than life, like Diesel can deliver.

The track opens wi