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Bandlez, Rated R and DJ Diesel unleash a CAT 5 'Tornado' on Disciple Records

Two meme lords, an NBA Hall of Famer and a Florida man walk into a bar. This was the result— a Tornado of epic proportions.

The unlikely trio of Bandlez, Rated R and DJ Diesel came together to make one of the most hyped tracks of 2023, so far, out now on Disciple.

Rated R and Bandlez have been on the road together for the Tornado tour since their opening date in Tampa on January 20th.

The time on the road has clearly served them well, because the blending of Rated R's and Bandlez' sounds is masterfully done. The addition of the vocals by DJ Diesel adds a layer of hype to the track that only someone larger than life, like Diesel can deliver.

The track opens with the topline of "There's a tornado in the moshpit" which repeats as th theme of this track. The track does a great job of capitalizing on the hype of a legend like DJ Diesel on this with a great trap beat, completed by a brass horn section which fits perfectly over the beat.

The trap feel continues throughout the song for both drops, rather than the more known dubstep sounds of Bandlez and Rated R. Both drops of the song do a great job of capitalizing on the amount of energy in the verses and build-ups with some of the best trap you will hear all year.

Rated R shared his thoughts on the track finally coming out with us.

"It feels SO good to finally get this song out. So much has gone into this and it’s satisfying being able to give it to you guys. I would’ve never imagined that my journey in music would bring me to releasing on such an iconic label. Working with Shaq & Bandlez on this has truly been a blast and I hope you all go hard to this track."

Bandlez also shared their excitement to put out this track—and their excitement to work with DJ Diesel in particular.

“I (DiAndre) remember when I was running around on the playground at school wearing Shaq’s shoes; to be able to write a song with him and work with his team has been a truly surreal experience. The process was extremely easy thanks to Rated R’s (Frankie) quick and effective style of writing and we definitely came out of the studio learning a lot from Frankie in the process! Blessed to be putting this song out for the world to enjoy.”

You can catch Bandlez and Rated R on the Tornado tour until April 15th, with more dates to be announced.

This track will be in heavy rotation for us all here, and we suggest you check it out for further investigation.


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