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RAZR, Scarexx, and Soul Valient drop an 'Insane' dubstep banger on A Records

The collaborative powerhouse is back with another dubstep anthem

They've done it again. RAZR, Scarexx, and Soul Valient have come together to drop an 'Insane' track and it's everything we hoped for and more. These artists never fail to impress, and this latest collab is a testament to their talent and synergy.

If you thought their previous collaboration 'PAIN' was intense... well you thought wrong. Insane takes it to a whole new level and hits you harder than lasers at an Excision show.

After giving both PAIN and Insane a listen, it's evident from the get-go that these artists share a special synergy. It's safe to say that the idea for Insane came naturally.

"After doing our first collaboration, we knew we had to do one more," said Scarexx. "RAZR and Soul Valient are extremely talented, and our sounds complement each other to the maximum."

Never forget when Excision dropped Insane at Bass Canyon last year. At that moment, we knew we needed this ID immediately.

The journey of Insane didn't just stem from a desire to create more music together but also from a shared vision of pushing boundaries.

"Honestly, after having collaborated for the song PAIN, we felt that we could still make more songs together between the three of us," said Soul Valient. "Taking into account that our workflow is very similar between us, we knew that we could still continue exploring it, so that's how the idea of Insane was born."

Their creative juices are flowing faster than ever, fueled by a shared desire to push the boundaries of dubstep into uncharted territory. The track builds upon their previous ideas, maintaining the same heavy elements while telling a better story.

"For Insane we wanted to build off our last idea," said RAZR. "Keeping the same elements but try to tell a better story. Insane represents all the craziness going on in our lives and how we need to all come together to get through the tough times."

It’s clear that these artists are on the come-up and they’re here to stay. All three artists have more releases in the works and you already know we will be watching their every move waiting for the next dubstep anthem.

Before we sign off, let's give a massive shoutout to Jessica Audiffred and the A Records crew for giving these artists a platform to shine. Without them, tracks like Insane might never see the light of day, and that's a world none of us want to live in.

Let's continue to keep the underground alive.


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