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Blurrd Vzn and We Rose drop “Big Game" on Wubaholics

FBI predicts big year ahead for both duos and sat down to interview them about the pandemic and their creative processes

Blurrd Vzn and We Rose teamed up on a super fire collaboration that just dropped on Wubaholics. Blurrd Vzn, who have been getting a lot of hype lately, are known for tracks such as Deadman with CVPTVGON, Cash and Rockin off their 2020 vznary EP, and their Break remix for Blvk Sheep. They also closed out 2020 with releases on two big labels: Protohype's Underdog Records and Subsidia's Dusk Vol. 2 Compilation.

These boys are certain to ride that momentum and we are predicting a huge year ahead for them.

We had the chance to chat with Johnny Angelo and Oscar Villa from Blurrd Vzn and Evan Rosen and Will McClure from We Rose. We got their take on Wubaholics, the pandemic and what channels their creative processes.

Blurrd spoke highly of the Wubaholics crew, and have been working with them since summer 2020.

"We first got involved with the Wubaholics crew last year in June when they released our track City Boi, ever since then we’ve remained friends and anytime they need anything we’re here for them they’ll always have our support."

They mentioned that although the pandemic brought a halt to live shows, it contributed to an advancement in their production. "We’ve been able to make a ton of music that in our opinion has only been getting better," they said.

The two met about 10 years ago and instantly became friends; at that time, they were both making music. One of was actually making house and the other hip hop.

While we have Blurrd Vzn on the FBI's Most Wanted list for 2021, they made a point of shouting out to some of the other artists in bass music who are on fire right now.

"There are a bunch of bass artists who we we’ve been digging a lot lately, mainly underground artists. Anything that Lyny, Guppi, Cyclops, VRG, Yojas, Bd Hbt, Shanghai Doom, Blvk Sheep, Gawm, ISOxo, and RemK put out always has us super HYPED."

They also mentioned their initial inspirations for first getting involved with Electronic Dance Music. They credited a 2017 Excision show for luring them back into bass music, which is an experience overall that many of us can relate to.

"Rusko, Cookie Monsta, and Funtcase are definitely a few artists who introduced us to dubstep back in the day. [We] took a break from EDM after high school and was strictly hip hop and then in 2017 we went to an Excision show and ever since then we started taking bass music production a lot more serious."

The duo also mentioned MF Doom, J Dilla and Timbaland as overall music idols.

In addition to this collab with We Rose, the duo recently dropped the Precision EP with MeSo. They talked to us about making the process for working with other artists as easy as possible, while complimenting the original ideas found in the first draft.

We Rose also had a lot to say about collaborating with Blurrd Vzn and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their production methods. This duo has slowly been continuing to gain traction in the scene with tracks such as their Time remix for Alison Wonderland x Quix, and several tracks with Yojas, including Rich. and Showme.

Surprisingly, Yojas was actually the thread that brought Blurrd Vzn and We Rose together.

"[Blurrd Vzn] dropped a song with Yojas and that’s how we heard about them, someone slid into the others DM and here we are! In that respect, social media is kind of cool because we have never met these guys but we have the utmost respect for them," said We Rose.

They talked about how Big Game's distorted vocals channel the larger-than-life sound we all miss about live sets.

"Blurrd initially hit us with this cool intro sample, vocals and a drop. We knew from right then we just had to go in on this track. We added a second drop, put all the pieces together and sent it back mastered. We pushed it back for a while and really worked hard on it. We were so stoked when Blurrd liked our production."

They talked about how they immediately picked up DJing in high school after discovering the "elusive EDM," and continued with the craft into college and post-graduation.

"We both DJed the frat and house party scene in Boulder which eventually turned in to wanting to produce our own tunes," they said.

The pandemic led to a positive influence in their music by resulting in the duo moving in together last March, creating an easier environment for production. As mentioned earlier, Yojas had a big impact on them as well since the duo lived with him in the beginning of the pandemic.

"We also stayed with Yojas for about a month which is where all of those releases came from, we hit a great stride musically in the beginning of the pandemic."

All three actually just moved in together, so we're looking forward to seeing more creative music come about this year. It's easy to see why Blurrd Vzn and We Rose are gaining traction within the bass music scene and we will continue to keep them on the FBI's Most Wanted list for 2021.

Listen to “Big Game” on Spotify, SoundCloud and all other streaming platforms.

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