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Brainrack, Eyezic break new ground with melodic dubstep tune 'Eyes Closed'

With support from artists like Subtronics, Buku & 12th Planet, Brainrack's influence is growing strong

Brainrack's newest track Eyes Closed with Eyezic (featuring ALLEYCVT) breaks new ground for the Philadelphia-based artist. Having already dropped three singles with Subsidia, Brainrack is no stranger to the label, and continues to bring the heat with Eyes Closed.

Eyes Closed was released on Subsidia's Dawn Vol. 4 Compilation, alongside tracks from Dion Timmer, FREAKY, OMAS and more.

Recently, Brainrack released a three-track EP on GRVDNCR, as well as on Subsidia and Subcarbon Records. Coming from a musical background, where he dabbled in cello, trumpet and drums, Brainrack eventually settled on bass guitar and even started a screamo band with his friends. Fast forward a few years later, he consistently plays shows and festivals and brings his raw energy to both.

Known for his extremely heavy and high-energy sets, Eyes Closed reveals the softer side of Brainrack, with a melodic intro complete with vocals. The second drop provides some familiar wonky vibes from Brainrack, but finishes off by returning to the original style of the song.

Brainrack recently played out the new tune at a show at The Ave in Philadelphia, where it received an amazing crowd response buoyed by his signature energy.

Brainrack continues to impress listeners, as the FBI we will continue investigating his future endeavors in the dubstep scene.

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