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Buku freshens up the beat with new single, 'Mr Clean,' on Wakaan

Having just played direct support on Peekaboo's 'Black Hole Tour,' Buku is back with a 'dance floor machine' showcasing his mastery of production.

Constantly pushing the boundaries in dance music, Buku has created another banger that highlights his unique sound and creative genius.

Leading in with a catchy sample, Mr Clean gets straight to the point with a drop that is simultaneously grimy and bouncy, satisfying both fans of heavy dubstep and music that just lets you dance your heart out.

"After spending so much time working on darker, more twisted sonic landscapes, I wanted to flip the script and create something for the dance floor," Buku said. "Mr. Clean is intended to be the embodiment of the fun, light-hearted side of bass music."

Buku recently finished up his direct support slot touring with Peekaboo, and was a fan favorite with his captivating and energetic sets. Ever the enthusiastic performer, Buku's sets are always packed with new IDs that whip the crowd into a frenzy when dropped.

After taking some time off of performing after the Black Hole Tour, Buku is now hitting the ground at a sprint, with upcoming performances at Project Z, Forbidden Kingdom, Global Dub Festival and more. All gas no brakes can be used to describe Buku's current schedule, and his sets are obviously sought after across the country.

If you have the opportunity to catch a Buku set, we highly recommend doing so, as it is an experience that compares to no other. Buku's ability to both mix and produce shines through in all his performances, and is not something to be missed.

Mr Clean can now be streamed on Spotify and all other streaming services.


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