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G-Rex and Ravva team up on three mind-melters via ‘Everyday’ EP

The highly anticipated collab EP on Wakaan captures alternating tempos and ear worm melodies.

Ominous sound design and growling baselines melt together to form the latest collab EP from the Wakaan family.

G-Rex and Ravva have joined forces in the production of three forward-thinking experimental songs that form the Everyday EP. Following their prominent, lead single Everyday which dropped in late March, these two new creations showcase their signatures into one package.

Everyday EP tracklist:

  • Everyday

  • Needa

  • Encore

"After a lot of different ideas we bounced back and forth and worked, these were the three that really stuck with us and came together with the best.“ G-Rex said. “Needa was the first track we finished, then Encore, and last was Everyday, which we ended up deciding on as the lead single and EP title."

Ravva said that Everyday came together effortlessly, recalling their first connection a few years back after G-Rex liked his showcase mix.

“G-Rex sent me the intro and like magic, the idea came to my head and I think I sent it back in about two hours for him to finish and we knew 100 percent that it was THE single,” Ravva said. “We will for sure have more tunes together in the future and I can’t wait for everyone to hear."

The collab EP is a new concept in the realm of bass music and seems to be taking off more and more. Wakaan has been publishing forward-thinking bass music that captures the deeper side of the genre, and this EP is no exception.

The EP is available for streaming on all major platforms.


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