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Celestial Beats Unleashed: Strobez Drops Debut EP, 'Restless

San Francisco – based artist Strobez has released his first EP that’ll be sure to have the audience mesmerized by the sounds of his tracks.

This Restless EP that Strobez has invented brings you a genre of breakbeats and trap music with such full-force bass. It’s as if these 7 tracks will make you want to move along with the rhythm of each beat and sound.

Strobez starts the EP off euphoric and nostalgic sound with a track called, “Missing Child” which is a short introduction on this EP. This then leads into another track called, “Restless” which then pops off with a strong bass. From the beginning to the end of the EP, the tracks starts off with a nostalgic vibe and build it's way into an intense catchy beat with so much energy being filled.

Photo shot by: Storiesbysay

Once the suspect was apprehended, he was then questioned in regards of the processing of how his, Restless EP was created. Strobez stated:

"Restless is my first time writing a narrative driven project. It started two years ago as just a couple of demos that had similar ideas and sounds, but when I wrote the lyrics of the title track last December, I was able to finally envision the full story. Each cut on this record is tied to many different memories, all tied together by similar feelings of restlessness I’ve had as a teenager growing up in a small town. Much of this EP speaks on escapism."

With his first EP being released, Strobez hopes to be known as someone who delivers more than just music. As a VJ and 3D artist as well, the visual side of his music is equally important to him and hopes to be known for creating an immersive multimedia experience with each record that he drops.

At this time, his unique style of music gained our attention and the audience. We will continue to monitor Strobez and conduct more investigations.

The Restless EP can be streamed on Strobez Spotify and Soundcloud.

To further your investigation into Strobez you can find his page here: Instagram


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