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Connection through melodies, Chassi releases latest "Satellite" EP

Chassi's new EP brings the energy we didn't know we needed

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the look out for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. Recently, the walls of our Melodic Dubstep Division have been housing agents who are always on the lookout for something more...something different.

Over the past 52 weeks, we've all been forced to adapt and endure more than should be required of most people. Positivity can, however, be found through our growth and adaptation...

Showcasing a personal growth from his previous EP The Introduction, which contains heater after heater, Chassi just took us on an emotional journey with his latest drop: the Satellite EP.

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I've always been on the fence about how melodic bass music is perceived by a majority of fans. Clearly, this genre isn't exactly taking over stages like the BassPOD or the Prehistoric Paradox, but those like us who have come to love and appreciate it can attest that the amount of energy brought to a crowd with tens of thousands of fans is over the top.

"100 percent, I believe it can bring the same energy, even more if anything," Chassi said. "With melodic music of all sorts such as melodic dubstep, house, trance, etc., each tune takes you through a journey of feelings, thus making the tune much more powerful. It’s such an amazing & beautiful thing to see."

Usually I'm taken on a journey during melodic bass sets that result in a stream of tears by realizing we live in a point in history where this beautiful type of music exists. Then, moments later, I'm ready to start snapping some vertebrae. I really can't wait until live shows make their much-anticipated return.

Chassi's Satellite EP has been nothing short of an amazing composition. Tying together heartfelt melodies with notes of pit-worthy heat, the entire body of work is a whole other vibe that makes us crave more from him. By teaming up with the one and only Prezzur, another aspect of melodic bass altogether is unlocked to prove that this music can bring the same amount of energy as related sub-genres.

"The pandemic has definitely had its ups and downs for me," he said. "The good thing about it though, is that I finally had A LOT more time to make more tunes and find out about a lot of artists that are now even close homies of mine. Until the pandemic is officially over, I’ll always be grinding non-stop to the best of my ability."

Hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed by the FBI. The premiere release off the EP, I Feel Alone, brings a different, emotional vibe and same energy as his previous heaters like Breakin Em, but with a much deeper meaning than most might realize.

Chassi has clearly harnessed values of strength, resilience and dedication into this tune. Exposing underlying emotions the listener might have—then taking a heavy drop to unleash any and all feelings of frustration—this single is perfectly composed and set to become the anthem for melodic bass music of 2021.

As a producer, I can only imagine the difficulty to uphold a certain persona and to continuously build a connection with your fans. Yet, Chassi makes it look so damn easy. I always like to pick the brain of artists that have been interviewed by getting a sneak peek into the future and what we can expect in the months to come.

"The warrior that you see on the cover art is actually gonna be my character and how I’m gonna explain my life story through music," Chassi said. "Growing up, I had it really rough and I had to fight for my life as a warrior would. I want to let everyone know to never give up, and that everything will be OK as long as you fight for what you believe in. This is my life; moving forward my releases are always gonna have a meaning that defines me".

Whether it be the return to full-throttle heavy hitters or continuing to produce heartfelt melodies, the future has never seemed brighter for Chassi. We here at the Filthy Beat Inspectors are eagerly waiting for his much-deserved spot on stage at festivals like Lost Lands and EDC, in addition to his future releases.

We are always listening...

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