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Chef Boyarbeatz comes correct with 'Nokia Dub' EP on Deadbeats

The chef is serving up three tasty dubs for his latest EP release.

"Thank you, chef."

Denver-based bass producer Chef Boyarbeatz is back with another bangin' Deadbeats release, this time with a three-track EP titled Nokia Dub. This release comes on the heels of a sizzling collab EP with UK-based dubstep producer Hypho, titled Smokers Club.

Nokia Dub is a welcome departure from the 140 format with three infectious tunes ranging from 115 to 128 BPM, all while remaining true to Chef B's signature deep sound.

Fans will recognize the EP's first track, aptly titled Big Sound, as the opening track of his 2023 SoundCloud ID showcase In The Kitchen Vol. 1. This tune reflects Chef B's darker sound while keeping an emphasis on grooves and danceability. Both the track's drops contain filthy basslines layered over a smooth drum pattern, making for a signature Chef B banger.

The title track Nokia Dub is one of Chef B's most coveted IDs in recent memory, and it's easy to see why once you take a listen. The track begins with a series of sweeping atmospheres and filtered breakbeats that precede a stank-face-inducing drop.

Photo courtesy of @chef_boyarbeatz on Instagram

Much like Big Sound, Nokia Dub's slower BPM creates a groovy atmosphere that meshes perfectly with the track's dark atmosphere. Eazybaked once eloquently tweeted that this tune was "str8 fucked off," and now the bass community at large can finally see why.

Speaking of fucked, the EP's final track is, well, Absolutely Fucked. This tune sports some of the tightest, most creative drum work Chef B has displayed yet. The gritty bass hits and detuned synth stabs scattered throughout both drops give the track a spooky feel, which rounds out the EP on a fitting note.

As the deeper, more minimal side of bass music continues to grow in popularity, Chef Boyarbeatz also continues to cement himself as one of the scene's most prominent innovators. Nokia Dub is yet another phenomenal effort from Chef B and is not to be missed by any true bass music enjoyer.

Stream Nokia Dub now on all platforms.


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