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Raising the steaks: Crankdat releases electro-fying new 'Slaughter House' EP on Monstercat

POV: Crankdat just told you "it's slaughtering time" and pressed play on this new EP.

Monstercat mainstay Crankdat is back on the label with the Slaughter House EP— his first on the label since 2021's Sad Robot EP.

When Crankdat makes new music, people take note. This EP is nothing short of spectacular from top to bottom. Much like 'the golden age' of EDM in the early 2010's, electro is back on the menu with 7 air-punching new tracks featuring collabs from Rated R, Savage, Tynan and Kindred.

The EP from start to finish contains four new tracks: Start Shit (with Rated R), B.T.W. (The Whistle), Vexed (with Tynan) and Back To You (with Kindred). This EP marks the first time that Crankdat had released a full body of work with only electro-house, or "slaughter house"—as he coined it. These four new songs were on the EP in addition to the three already released singles Ding Dong, Power Stone and Move Back (with Savage).

The constant theme throughout the EP is the energy that each track brings to the table. The electro house feels like bouncy, 4 on the floor dubstep. This is best demonstrated on B.T.W. (The Whistle), which contains both an electro drop and a half-time drop to show the full arsenal of Crankdat's production.

"This EP is really cool because it’s all of the typical sounds that are in regular Crankdat songs, but exercised in a new medium. The entire EP is electro house, which is a genre that I am not necessarily known for, but enjoy thoroughly.”

While Crankdat might not have been previously known for making electro house, after this project that should change. Electro is a genre that fell to the wayside of the scene as the sounds progressed into a new era.

This isn't the same electro as a decade ago, though. While there are some similarities by definition, Crankdat's "slaughter house" usually contains a heavier dubstep drop in the second half of the song, something that wasn't as common in the electro of yesteryear.

One thing is for certain: Crankdat is a large part of the future of the electronic music scene, whether that be in dubstep, trap or house.

You can catch him at Tomorrowland and the World DJ Festival on the Monstercat stage, with more dates to be announced. Stay tuned for further investigations into Crankdat.


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