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Dino Shadix summons wook dinos with 'Lil T-Rex' EP on Disciple Round Table

Chock-full of roaring bass and unique sound design, Estonian producer Dino Shadix spares no one with her first EP on Disciple.

With past releases on Subsidia Records, Rude Service Records and Ophelia Records, Dino Shadix now releases her largest collection of material on the massive Disciple Round Table label. With five earth-shattering tracks on 'Lil T-Rex,' Dino Shadix confirms her slot as one of the top up-and-coming producers in the industry.

Not limiting herself to one subgenre, the EP ranges from more experimental lo-fi dubstep to heart-rending heavy dubstep, showcasing Dino Shadix's production versatility.

Dino Shadix confided in Dubstep FBI that the

"'Lil T-Rex' EP has been in the works since 2021 and I am happy to finally release it. With the EP's title track Lit T-Rex, I wanted to create an introduction to the EP with an epic atmosphere that would lead people into the next track Jurassic Park. One of my favorite parts in that track is the orchestral outro. I put a lot of time into making outros for all the tracks on the EP even though nobody usually cares about that part. The EP sounds a bit different than what's usually released on Disciple Round Table and there is a lot of variety. I hope there is something for everyone, and I want to thank everyone for supporting me!"

With much more on the way, and with such a refreshing set of tracks with her first major EP, we look forward to seeing what Dino Shadix does next and can only guess at the possibilities.

Dino Shadix's 'Lil T-Rex' EP is now available for streaming on all major platforms.


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