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DNMO turns back the clock with retro dnb anthem 'Together' on Monstercat

The London-based producer announced his arrival on the Monstercat roster with a nostalgic dancefloor tune reminiscent of legends like Sub Focus.

Over the years, DNMO has been a staple on the Deadbeats roster — and for good reason. Now, he's shining as a new star on the Monstercat roster.

DNMO's latest track, Together, shows exactly what has made the producer so sought after since bursting onto the scene as a 16-year-old back in 2016.

While the focus of many tracks now seems to be on production techniques and making the craziest sound imaginable, this one goes back to the basics — something that DNMO said he strove for when making the track.

With this song, I really wanted to lead with more minimal, simplistic production that’s catchy and to the point," DNMO said. "It was less about packing it out with different sounds every four bars and more about creating an earworm-type track.

The track gets right to the point with a short and simple intro and build, relying more on the overall vibe of the music rather than being overly intricate.

The top line and melody throughout the drops is almost trance-like and uses repetition to get its point across, rather than constantly switching.

The subs are a huge part of what makes this track great as we hear them following closely in harmony with the melody throughout.

We co-sign on this one, and we think you should investigate it further.


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