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REAPER and Josh Rubin's 'Monster' collab will make your bass drop and your socks fly

Prepare for a D&B revelation as this dynamic duo joins forces once again, creating chaos and shaking the foundations of Bassrush Records

In the vast realm of drum & bass, one anonymous figure has been leading a revolution, propelling the genre to unprecedented heights on American soil. REAPER, the mysterious producer, has become the beacon of inspiration for the next generation of D&B enthusiasts.

Now, he joins forces once again with the Texas-based singer-songwriter Josh Rubin for a new single that is set to shake the foundations of the scene. Brace yourself for the colossal release of 'Monster,' - out now on Bassrush Records.

Monster unfolds with Rubin's enthralling vocal prowess, drawing listeners into a world of introspection and self-discovery. The lyrics mirror the aftermath of a turbulent romantic encounter, as Rubin's emotive delivery strikes a chord with all who have experienced the fallout of love.

"'Monster’ is a reminder to be more present in the now and to not get too caught up in the past or future," Josh Rubin said. "Too often, I find myself trying to analyze every little aspect of every moment of my life instead of just being in that moment and, unfortunately, it’s had a negative impact on some of my relationships.”

The track's cinematic intro seamlessly blends into REAPER's unmistakable gritty and distorted drive, which has become his signature sound. Yet, there is a delicate touch of melody that adds a fresh dimension to the track, providing an irresistible contrast to the heavy beats.

"I’ve always felt that ‘Monster’ is about a moment of self-realization. It’s about realizing yourself, using that realization to find a resolution; and using that truth to habilitate yourself into something better," said REAPER.

Get ready to unleash the Monster within as REAPER and Josh Rubin redefine the boundaries of drum & bass with their incredible collaboration.



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