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Dustin's Discoveries: Outlandr comes out swinging with 'Dynamiser' with Dani King on NCS

The DnB up and comer made a statement with this dynamite track featuring Dani King, out now on NCS.

Dynamiser is Outlandr's first release on NCS and the first of five for his EP dropping later this year. It is Dani King's second NCS release and first on Arcade.

The track is a clinic in neuro DnB and is elevated by King's scintillating vocals.

Through the intro, we get a vocal that is built upon by a cinematic instrumental and both the music and vocals crescendo until the tension is finally released with the drop, which is a face-melter.

The first drop is reminiscent of the style of neuro dnb that was made popular by REAPER over the past few years, which is a sound that has taken the American DnB scene by storm. After the first half of that drop, we have some incredibly heavy halftime thrown at us.