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Don't Speak: Jessica & GG Magree deliver a new take on No Doubt's classic

This Monstercat mega-release is complete with a full music video featuring the powerhouse women.

Picture yourself in the year 1995.

Now, fast forward almost 30 years.

Monstercat Uncaged has just delivered a cosmopolitan take on that timeless classic.

Jessica Audiffred and GG Magree, two of electronic dance music's striking female icons, have collaborated up on the re-make of Don't Speak by the iconic rock band No Doubt. The song just dropped on Monstercat and has our mouths watering.

"Don't Speak I know what you're thinking... Don't tell me because it hurts."

Instantly, we get chills from GG Magree's striking vocals, bringing back memories and emotions from decades past. Jessica does an impressive job of building up the electronic elements of the song throughout each drop.

“I've always wanted to create a fun style of bass that people want to hear over and over again that makes them happy," Jessica Audiffred said. "This cover creates such a special atmosphere in my sets and I love how the audience sings along, it creates very memorable moments.”

It's clear that this record has Jessica Audiffred written all over it, with her distinct "signature sound" featured in both of the drops.

These two powerhouses have certainly cooked up one of our new favorite anthems.

“Jessica and I wanted to make the classic hit uniquely ours and have listeners hear it through a different context," GG Magree said. "We still wanted to have listeners cling to the original melody of the song with the guitars, however, I wanted to hit it with a more grungy, raspy tone. This cover embodies mine and Jessica’s love for bass music, combined with our '90s punk roots."

The ladies even went as far as to film a music video for the tune, one that perfectly captures those punk roots. It shows them making the record in the studio, and riding around Los Angeles in a 1968 Buick LeSabre.

We can't get enough of GG Magree's vocals on this tune. Not only are they edgy, but they'll be stuck in our head for hours.

"I mean, who doesn’t love No Doubt?” GG Magree said.

This duo has understood the assignment.



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