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Dr. Ushūu returns with a new track 'Don't Let Me Down' on Monstercat Uncaged

The bass producer's latest release showcases his genre-bending sound design with uplifting melodies and a personal affirmation as the track's title

Breakout bass producer Dr. Ushūu has made his return to Monstercat Uncaged with his latest single, 'Don't Let Me Down.' The track showcases the artist's signature style with heavy drops, gritty stabs, and colorful chords, encapsulating his unique genre-bending musical domain.

The uplifting melodies of Don't Let Me Down serve as an exemplary pick-me-up, and its title is aptly named after one of Dr. Ushūu's personal affirmations. The bass-heavy track promises to deliver the ultimate speaker-shattering listening experience for bass aficionados.

"'Don't Let Me Down’ serves as a reminder to not let myself down," said Dr. Ushūu. "Through the years, I have faced disappointment, and this track encapsulates the letdowns and above all, a persistence that only I can control, as if to say, everyone else can let me down but me.”

Dr. Ushūu's live events this year include his Tomorrowland debut and return to Rampage Open Air, among others. Us bassheads stateside can catch him live at Forbidden Kingdom in June, where he will go B2B alongside SweetTooth. The artist's talent and potential have been recognized by many, including Excision, Kayzo, Modestep, Ray Volpe, and Illenium, making 2023 a promising year for the Ushūuverse.

Dr. Ushūu's Don't Let Me Down is a must-listen for the bass community, showcasing his growth and dedication to his craft. With his growing reputation in the industry, Dr. Ushūu is one artist to watch in 2023 and beyond.


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