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Dustin's Discoveries : Odd Language's love for AI inspires his project

Imagine a world where an artificial intelligence can produce visuals for your next set. Well, that's exactly what Odd Language has been working on mastering when he isn't making genre-bending dubstep.

Odd Language, or Jack, is a student of all things visual arts. Whether that be through the long hours of learning AI, doing visuals for himself, or record labels, or shooting his own music video, he never stops learning about the things he is interested in.

When we talked about AI, he had this to say.

I think AI, with a focus on ChatGPT, I think that the change that that will bring to our future will be similar to when the internet first came out. I think that everything is going to change, and I think that is something that is both scary but also very interesting and potentially very helpful.

To add a little bit of insight to this claim, he went on to speak about Dion Timmer's video on Twitter of him using AI to generate bass sounds and samples. He explained the process of using AI to create audio samples and how to train it to get the finished product, but he has not utilized this yet. However, he said he would be open to using this tool in the future.

We use sample packs and not every single sound we make from scratch. Some of our sounds start from somewhere else and this is just a new avenue to get initial sounds from.

A common theme of the conversation with Jack was moving forward with technology, whether that be in music or in visual arts. As a college student, he was a film major and thought he had wanted to be a director of photography on major motion pictures, but he uses that in music to help push his sound and brand forward.

His next release, Disconnect, comes alongside a music video for its release on January 27, 2023. His start into creating visuals for this Odd Language project came about when he was asked to do animation for Dim Mak on a Henry Fong video, and ever since he has been producing his own visuals in Blender. He said he uses Blender because it's free, open source and has lots of support.

He said his project's theme are mostly dystopian worlds for his visuals. Something we found interesting about what he had to say was the parallel he drew between the dystopian imagery for his project and the real world dystopia we could be headed towards.

"I love dystopian and utopian, but mostly dystopian worlds like that. I love using inspiration from art on Google of dystopian cityscapes and inserting myself into those worlds on a really small level. If it's a whole cityscape, I like to imagine what it might look like in one room, Odd Language said. I think that really goes with the aesthetic I want to go with AI and futuristic worlds, and that's almost something that we're heading towards in real life, too."

Many of these images in his art are of liminal spaces and things you may look past and things we are desensitized to in the hustle and bustle of a day.

He told us that we'll see a little bit of that in the music video for Disconnect as well.

While we enjoy living in our own reality, the alternate reality of life on the internet with rapidly evolving technology is for sure a very complex and interesting one. We can see lots of that reflected in the Odd Language project, particularly with Disconnect.

You will find a track filled with glitchy bass sounds and punchy subs that will get the masses head banging, as dystopian as it may sound.


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