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FBI PREMIERE: Listen to ANTIHERO & Bleaubeard's upcoming Rude Service slapper

We are blessing you with 'BLOCK,' another smashing dubstep anthem from two of the hottest up-comers in the heavy sound right now.

Our agents are always on the listen and lookout for the catchiest soundscapes that feed our souls. Whether it be speaker-shredding bass or slimy, slinky riddim, our insatiable thirst for dubstep is never satisfied.

Until now.

Calling all pit vipers: ANTIHERO and Bleaubeard are delivering an Earth-shattering new song called BLOCK on Rude Service this Friday. It will be released on the Full Stack Spring compilation, alongside songs from Dr. Ushuu, uSAYbFLOW, NVRT and more.

Our agents got the inside scoop for you to listen two days before it gets released on all other platforms.

BLOCK starts with ominous horns, teleporting us into a nightmare that sounds like a ringing space ship alarm. We're sucked in with a deep voice — "Back on the block..." it builds into something larger-than-life.

"Open the pit, I'm goin —" dropping into an absolute massacre of the bass.

A catchy pre-drop vocal is the cherry on top of any excellent dubstep banger and this song certainly has the formula to become an anthem. We can already picture the Bass Capital Ninja stirring up trouble on the dance floor as this one goes off.

Props to Rude Service for putting on the upcoming talent; It's something we've come to know and love about the rising label founded by Bear Grillz.

Pre-save BLOCK and the rest of the tunes on the compilation here:


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