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FBI PREMIERE: REVCT! releases twisted new tune, 'SANCTION'

This burly track is the first single from his forthcoming EP, while his brand serves as a reminder that there's light on the other side.

REVCT! gives us a glimpse of his upcoming EP with his latest single, SANCTION. This track mixes together a handful of elements that bass heads yearn for.

The LA-based, Icon Collective graduate has done an excellent job of bringing both an ethereal, yet powerful, experience to the listener through this song. He explained to us a little about how it came to be.

"I wanted to create something a little more ambient and cinematic; always with a heavy drop, of course," REVCT! said. "However, it definitely took some time to craft, because I had so many versions and couldn’t decide which one to release, but after three long years, the wait is finally over."

With that being said, all the bass heads out there are sure to be pleased with the final product of SANCTION. There's no doubt it will leave them in anticipation for the rest of the EP in the future.

According to the source himself, REVCT!'s upcoming EP can be expected to be packed with heavy dubstep and trap bangers, including a collab with his good friend Qonflict.

If bass music that's atmospheric and melodic, yet simultaneously dark and gritty is up your alley, REVCT! is an artist that you should investigate.

"The story behind my project is that we all go through dark times in our life, but we can choose how we can react to those situations and how there’s always light on the other side." REVCT! explained. "I started my journey by attending Nocturnal Wonderland in 2019; Seeing artists like Peekaboo and Zomboy, I instantly said to myself, 'I wanna make music people can escape to.'"

Stream SANCTION now on all platforms, and keep an eye out for REVCT!'s forthcoming EP in the future!


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