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FBI PREMIERE: Tampa's demolition duo VOYAGER x MYR impose a beatdown with 'Destroy'

Pumped with everything heavy, this sub-system shattering collab will rattle festivals and venues in 2024.

Tampa's bass bad boys VOYAGER and MYR have cooked up an absolutely heavy hitter called DESTROY and needless to say, it does exactly that. Dubstep FBI has the exclusive premiere of the track now before it drops everywhere at midnight.

It's got every element needed to be a heater. That exciting build-up to tension, suspension, vocal pre-drop, and absolute decimation from the drop. The boys made sure to deliver, as they are currently some of the leading representatives of the bass scene in Tampa.

When asked about how the collab went down, VOYAGER said he was super stoked to finally release this.

"We both had ideas right off the bat, so the track went together like bread and butter," VOYAGER said. "Seeing the response from producers both of us look up to has been encouraging. Makes you feel like hard work is paying off."

"This track most definitely defines the energy both of our projects try to push to our audience," MYR said. "Getting the support and feedback we have on it so far has been unreal. I'm glad we finally get to release this... we've been sitting on it for a while and I think it's going to make waves for sure!"

The track officially releases on Feb. 23 on all streaming platforms. What do you think of this collab? Does it absolutely crush the sound systems? Let us know on socials and tag Dubstep FBI, VOYAGER and MYR.


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