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FBI PREMIERE: Your worst ‘Nightmare’ is born with this Vastive + AlienPark collab

Vastive and AlienPark gang up on their first-ever collaboration as the 'Bite Back' EP is imminent.

Could it be… a Vastive + AlienPark collab? Honey, wake up, the rumors are true. Ladies and gents, it's premiering here on Dubstep FBI: your worst Nightmare.

Integrating Vastive’s signature vox and AlienPark’s heavy-weight sustain, this sinister track provokes absolute mayhem. Fleshing out with an amplifying guitar-solo intro, Nightmare gets right into it. Screaming from one ear to another, the anticipation rises into a howling build up. Right when the world is about to end, a thumping pre-drop barges in with the enemy announcing,

“All will be consumed.”

Darkness takes over with a deafening sustain and a stabbing evil laugh. Shots are being fired left and right with a series of prominent kick-drums. The track promptly follows up with a glitchy switchback, disintegrating us into pieces.

As the Nightmare continues to lurk, the plot thickens, roaring into its final modern warfare highlight.

Photo by @brand1films

Nightmare has been in the works, catching multiple instances of both Vastive and AlienPark teasing it in their mixes and sets, from Lost Lands to tracing back from AlienPark’s Prehistoric Mix.

Photo by @shotbyed_

Both were stoked to work closely with each other and combine their efforts on this release. Vastive shares,

"Musically, Nightmare (let alone this EP) was one of those rare projects that came together instantly," Vastive said. "AlienPark and I have always been big supporters of each other's music, so even before we started, we already knew what we wanted to bring to the table for each other."

Vastive said that talking to him in person at Lost Lands about how they wanted to finish up this collab is one of his favorite memories because he could hear the excitement from AlienPark.

"That's one of my favorite parts of collaborating, when the chemistry is there and there's nothing but anticipation to wrap up a track. Lyrically, I was inspired by both Martin and I's story. We've both had a ton of setbacks throughout the years and this was our "You can't stop me" track. Being Martin's first year as a US touring artist and the year of my first headline tour, I couldn't help myself but take that anthem style approach to celebrate these massive milestones."

Having similar aspirations, both Vastive and AlienPark were inspired by each other’s work prior, which ultimately led them to forming a thriving partnership.

Just one more Friday to go until Vastive’s awaited Bite Back EP is officially released on February 9..

Vastive has a ton in store, kicking off his debut headline tour in March, with his first stops being in Minnesota, Oregon, Arizona and more. On the other hand, AlienPark has made his way into the states as his first year touring in the US, playing at Excision’s Thunderdome this Sunday, which is projected to be the top anticipated sets of the weekend.

In addition, AlienPark will also be joining Vastive on his Bite Back tour making stops in Oregon, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

Vastive and AlienPark have delivered and exceeded expectations with Nightmare. Their eagerness to collaborate on a song together was prominent, and Dubstep FBI is proud to showcase their first-ever collaboration.

Stream Nightmare OUT NOW on Filthy Beat Inspectors YouTube.


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