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FBI round-up: New bangers emerging the week of Feb. 18

This week's FBI radar is hot off the press with tunes from FREAKY, DIESEL, Stryer and KAMI.

It's only the second month of the year and every week has been jam-packed with some of the craziest tunes we've ever heard.

It is truly a wonderful time to be a part of the EDM scene and experience the growth of all the genres as a whole. Let's dive into this week's bass bangers.


Backbreaker - FREAKY, DJ Diesel [Subsidia Records]

First on the list, we have the collab from FREAKY and DJ Diesel, Backbreaker, which was released on Subsidia Records on Wednesday, Feb. 16.

While, this is DJ Diesel's first release on Excision's imprint, Subsidia, FREAKY is no stranger to the label and has hinted at an album release later in the year.

When asked about what it was like to collab with Shaq, FREAKY told us “Working with Shaq was literally a dream come true! As an avid sports follower my entire life, being able to create a monster of a track with the most dominant Center of all time, still blows my mind!”

After hearing what he has produced working alongside FREAKY, we are practically champing at the bit for more filth and can't help but have flashbacks to his Lost Lands set at Wompy Woods.


Full Moon EP - Stryer [Rude Service]

Next on our list is Stryer's Full Moon EP, out now on Rude Service Records. With three melodic tracks and one heavy banger with BLUPILL, Stryer has created a multi-genre EP that will satisfy your cravings for melodic dubstep and tearout.

"My Full Moon EP is really a project that shows what I love to make and the sound I want to continue pushing moving forward," Stryer said. "It's emotional, heavy, and an extremely raw/honest look at who Stryer is. This EP is written for anyone to enjoy, but mostly for someone feeling sad/depressed/anxious or just anything, not 100%. Listeners will be ready to conquer the world by the end of track 4."

No matter what you're looking for, this EP provides it and is a step forward in Stryer's creative journey with Rude Service.


Be My Lover 2K22 - KAMI

In a fresh and modern switch-up, the KAMI trio has provided us with a high-energy, raw take on Be My Lover, a cover of La Bouche's track from 1996.

With energetic and raw drops, KAMI swings into action with this reimagining of a classic 90's track. Be My Lover showcases KAMI's unique ability to get Americans excited about hard dance, which has been gaining traction ever since they performed at the Basscon stage at EDC Orlando in 2021.

Alex from Kami told us, "Being true ‘90s kids, ‘Be My Lover’ was one of those classics that no matter how old you were, or where you were, it made you get up and dance, I always wanted to bring it back to life somehow, and this year was finally that moment. The whole goal around the track was to make it fun, energetic, and give hard dance fans a classic track to sing along to, while also kick rolling and busting out a few cheeky hakks during the kick switches.”


With more sure to come from all the artists featured, the future of 2022 seems very bright to us. No matter what, Dubstep FBI will be watching and listening to see what else piques our fancy. No matter what, we are always around making sure to cover the best and brightest.


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