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FBI round-up: New EDM out the week of Feb. 11

Our agent's top picks include Hi I'm Ghost, Kompany, Shlump, FrostTop & Izadi

These are the top four songs that should be on your radar as of Friday, Feb. 11.


Gunshots - Kompany, Hi I’m Ghost! [Never Say Die Records]

The banger on our list is Gunshots by Hi I’m Ghost! and Kompany on Never Say Die Records. Hi I’m Ghost teamed up with NSD veteran Kompany for this heavy-hitting collab that will have you headbanging in your car, from the office and anywhere on the planet.

"Oh, Mr. Krumbo. We started the song in the first quarter of 2020, but on the bus tour in 2019 we got to know each other," Hi I'm Ghost said. "Kyle is such a real person."

They said the project was stretched out because they were particular about certain parts.

"It's awesome being able to work with him and call him a friend. You guys deserve this collab," Hi I'm Ghost said.


Drift Away - Shlump feat. Pure Powers [Wakaan]

Next, we have Drift Away by Shlump featuring Pure Powers that dropped on Wakaan. As the first track off of Shlump’s upcoming EP on Wakaan, Pure Powers vocals add a nice touch in the beginning with the rest being classic Shlump.

“I wrote the initial ideas for 'Drift Away' a while back,” Shlump said, “The lyrics feel like they create a tangible feeling that people can touch and relate with. After rewriting the drop to be heavier and reflect the descent of drifting away, the track finally felt complete and with the melodic hook, felt perfect for the title track to my upcoming EP.”


Aster - FrostTop [Nightmode]

The third track on the watchlist is Aster by FrostTop, out now on Nightmode. Emerging in his label debut, the rising young trap legend just released an ethereal, futuristic anthem.

The melodic vocals and solid build-up drive this song into one of his best songs yet in what is sure to be the true breakout year for FrostTop. Bringing hopeful vibes and Neo-future styles, this track encompasses the forward-thinking sounds we've come to know and love about Nightmode.


BONUS LISTEN: Daft Punk - One More Time (Izadi Future Riddim Remix)

The fourth and final track on the watchlist is Izadi’s future riddim remix of the Daft Punk classic, One More Time. Izadi gives a fresh new take on this classic song that probably got so many people into EDM. His future riddim flair and energetic build-ups make this a remix to remember from the rising star.

“Before I dove into producing and was just club opener, I enjoyed playing out memorable songs during my sets,” Izadi said, “The feeling of sharing that nostalgic moment with the entire crowd gave me such a euphoric thrill. now that I’m able to produce music, I’m going back through my old playlists and adding my own spice to these songs that I would constantly listen to while growing up so that I can still have those nostalgic moments during my sets but with a modern twist.”

These four tracks have caught the attention of our agents this week, and we will continue to watch & listen for any tracks that stand out to us like diamonds in the rough. Remember, Dubstep FBI is always listening...

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