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FBI Round-up: New heat out the week of Feb. 3

At Dubstep FBI, we are always on the look-out for tracks to bless your ears. Here are our top picks of the week.

The EDM scene is thriving. More specifically, dubstep is thriving. As 2022 kicks off with new music, new shows and new artists, our FBI agents have been on the listen and look-out for the most disruptive tunes.

This serves as our weekly round-up of the top three songs that should be on your radar as of February 3, 2022.


Redemption - Bad Proxy, Elysian, MJ/XO [Rude Service Records]

First up, we have Bad Proxy, Elysian and MJ/XO with Redemption, out now on Rude Service Records.

This is Bad Proxy's first collab for his project, and is a combination of Elysian's future bass sound with Bad Proxy's industrial heavy bass. MJ/XO was hand-picked by Elysian and Bad Proxy, and her vocals tie the whole track together between the two different styles.

"The over-arching theme for the track was a sense of hopefulness, with an emotional feel," Bad Proxy said. "We wanted a track that could connect with audiences on a deeper level and I believe the lyrics elevate the instrumental perfectly to achieve that effect and emotion we were striving for."


Harsh - RayRay, Red Hood Squad [Welcome Records]

Next on our list is RayRay and Red Hood Squad's Harsh, out now on Welcome Records.

RayRay and Red Hood Squad have come together to create a grimey hard-dance track that will blow your mind. Not pulling any punches, it sweeps you away with RayRay's lyrics then snatches your breath at the drop.

"I wrote this lyrics during my breakup," RayRay said. "It was heartbreaking, but I want my fans who’ve ever had a broken heart, when they listened to this song, they will feel the strength of being alive & letting go. You can use this song as your punching bag & release all your emotions & pressures."

The track is full of emotions, and allows you to open yourself up to them and release them through the track.


Hysteria - Rossy [Lowly]

Last but not least, we have Rossy Kate's Hysteria, out now on Lowly Records.

Making her debut on Lowly Records, Rossy just dropped your most recent favorite trap banger. With a steady and intense build up to the drop, the anticipation builds as Hysteria roars to the drop and climaxes into a trap classic.

"It’s honestly incredible how I started this song just wanting to make a set banger and it evolved into something that truly means so much to me," Rossy said. "The cinematic distorted intro with a little arp in there, into the big classic trap brass and horns that we all know and love, just felt like a perfect combination of my production."

Rossy has been on a hot run this year, coming off some killer releases with labels like Welcome Records and Sable Valley. She's got some seriously big things in store for all of us this year - from shows to songs.

All three of these tracks have caught the attention of our agents this week, and we will continue to watch & listen for any tracks that stand out to us like diamonds in the rough. Remember, Dubstep FBI is always listening...

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