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Feel The Gravitational Pull with ‘Dope Track’ By END ALL and FIFTHDENSITY

Tap into this collaborative single that showcases both artists' deep knowledge of bass music and design.

'Dope Track' is a perfect introduction to both END ALL and FIFTHDENSITY’s musical styles for fans of Freeform Bass music, which is quickly gaining popularity across the United States in both the underground and festival scenes.

The track maintains a heavy sound while creating a wavy feeling with melodic elements.

END ALL, is an artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who was groomed going to shows and festivals in the underground scene. It was only recently during the COVID lockdown that the now Southern California-based producer & DJ realized the END ALL project as a creative outlet.

Ross, also known as END ALL, describes his project in a mysterious way:

[END ALL] is based on the concept of black holes - mysterious forces that are ever present and looming, quietly annihilating the cosmos. They are such an epic, mysterious force, of which nothing can escape. This inspired Ross to create a bass music project from which no genre was safe"

Greg, AKA FIFTHDENSITY, was born in Atlanta but raised in Florida. The

FIFTHDENSITY project is designed to take the listeners on a journey that

transcends time and space into a realm of flow resulting in an electrifying experience that immerses the listener.

The two artists seemed to click immediately despite being on opposite ends of the country. They quickly became close friends and the collaboration took shape organically:

“It was awesome and felt so effortless working with Greg because we both have a really similar taste and ear for music," said END ALL.

“This experience with Ross taught me what a collab is really all about, Bringing two energies together and producing something completely different. This track is that. I'd say we came up with a pretty DOPE TRACK!" - FIFTHDENSITY

Dope Track took shape in a unique way as the two artists were originally aiming for something more melodic, however, their artistic instincts took them on a circuitous path:

“We originally intended for this track to be really vibey and melodic, but after hearing one particular background noise that Greg made, I just had to run with it and make it heavier." - END ALL.

The end result is a combination of melodic and heavy bass sounds that is sure to make its way to festivals and underground sets all over the country. Whatever mysterious forces brought these two together can be credited with creating a new sound that is full of inescapable energy.


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