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Funtcase and Chassi strike 'Fear' into listeners with latest collaboration

A couple of bass all-stars join forces for one of this year's heaviest tracks as a part of a most sought-after compilation.

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the lookout for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. Recently, the walls of our departments have been housing agents who are on the lookout for something more...something different.

The DPMO compilations have consistently put out some of bass music's most well-known anthems, and this year is gearing up to be more of the same. Hailing from the UK, Funtcase is a name that truly needs no introduction and whose sound has been embedded in the very foundations of dubstep over the years. We were fortunate enough to get some quotes regarding the release of Fear, as well as the process of working with a young producer like Chassi.


How did 'Fear' come to fruition? Was it you to approach Chassi or vice versa when the idea for this track was created?

"The initial skeleton of the drop he sent me sounded great and I already had ideas to add to it and put my twist and spin on it so we managed to get it to work nicely. I think the final came out awesome!"

The echoing vocals and overall presence that this track holds truly does bestow an enjoyable feeling of fear on listeners who have been abusing their auditory senses with this unique track. In addition, we also approached Chassi with the question of how a track like Fear came to be.

"So after Punishment dropped on DPMO3, we had talks on wanting to collaborate since we felt our styles would compliment each other really well. I sent an idea to him just to see if he’d even like it, and the rest was history."

- Chassi on his release with

Funtcase as part of DPMO4

After hearing about how much Chassi has grown in the last few years as a producer coming from any other festival-goer like the rest of us, we've always wondered what the perspective is like going from one side of the stage to the other. He goes on acknowledging that going with a group of friends as an attendee has goals of just raging and living in the moment, whilst going as an artist allows you to truly appreciate the art and work that goes into the massive levels of preparation for such large scale events.

To polish off this interview with Chassi, we asked the LA-native if there was anything he could take away from this overall process and apply it to his future work.

Working with a legend like Funtcase, have you taken anything away from his way of production that may have previously differed from your own?

" I think what I really took away was that at times, less is more! I remember mid way through the project there was so many unnecessary layers and once we just went through each layer, prioritizing certain ones, we were able to really reel in the song."

We are all individual components of an ever-expanding musical genre, supplying our own tastes and flavors to this thing called Dubstep. As time continues to prove that it stops for no one, the need to create a name for oneself is as essential as it has ever been.

How important would you say it is to develop a sense of uniqueness as an artist rather that building on ideas of recent past in order to establish a name to be reckoned with?

"I'd say it's most definitely important. Of course, artists will create their version of styles that are currently hot and those are amazing tracks too, but the ones that stand out most definitely will always get more love in the long run."

With annual releases that make up the DPMO compilations, established artists alongside young names are constantly being highlighted. Producers may surely draw inspiration from those that have come before them, however incorporation of their own twist and providing a style of sound that the world has yet to discover will always excite listeners.

Check out DPMO Volume 4 in it's entirety below:


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